Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glogster for Education - Class #1

Take a look at the Glogster for Education home page. You will most likely need to login here. just use the librarian's last name and first initial and then our school mascot as the password. Here you will find tutorials and Glogs others have created. It can be helpful to take a look at these Glogs as you may find ideas on how to use them in  your classroom.

Can I have a Glogster account just for me?

Yes, you can sign up for your own Glogster account separately from the one you practiced on in the class. Here you will set your own password and manage your own Glogs. This is where you will add a class or small group.

Can I have a Glogster account just for my class? 
Yes. The easiest way to import a class is by using excel. On your dashboard you can go to add students and choose excel. Give each student a nickname such as their initials, and your class room number. Then assign a password. Then add your class. Next you will get and email. You must login the first time by clicking on that link. After that your students can go to glogster edu and use their unique name and password to login and create and edit their glogs. 
You can use your school email when you set up your Glogster account. 

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