Sunday, February 19, 2012

March 14th Accelerated Reader with Lynn G.

Wondering about some of the benefits of using AR with your kids? Come join Lynn G. as she shares some of the ways of using Accelerated Reader in your classroom.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Audacity and Photostory

Why use Audacity? Why use Photostory?

Quick Slide Share on Audacity and Photostory to recap the Lunch and Learn.

Take a look at the above link and the link below so that you can go back and review should you want to use the programs. The best way to make Audacity a part of your class is to have the kids use it. When you are in the lab or classroom, explain a little and let the kids explore with the program by giving them a small project to start out with.

  • Record student assessments or presentations.

  • Record student performances, celebrations, and other events (including guest speakers).

  • Record student interviews (such as oral histories, documentaries, reinactments, and "mockumentaries").

  • Record course content (for just-in-time, on-demand learning).

  • Record spoken language for English Language Development, Language Arts, or Foreign Language.

  • Record exerpts from text books, novels, or poetry for language arts.

  • Record weekly announcements, assignments, or "week in review" segments (including sub plans).

  • Record multi-track soundtracks for Movie Maker projects.

  • Record narrations for presentations (even PowerPoint).

  • Record content for student radio stations or podcasts.

  • Record instructions (or How-To's) for certain lessons.

  • Record a field trip and bring it into the classroom... or more classrooms.

  • Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Upcoming Schedule of Lunch and Learns.....

    2012 Lunch and Learn Menu
    Wednesday’s 12:10 - 12:50
    LRC unless otherwise noted...
    February 8th -   Digital Portfolios for Kids & Student Software
    February 15th - Jill C Presents...Learn How To Use Audacity and Photostory - software on computers
    March 7th  -  Lynn G.  Presents....How to Get the Most out of Using AR With Your Class -  
    March 14th - Make an iMovie with the Mac
    April 4th -  CR - QR Codes - 
    School Building Scavenger Hunt with the LRC iPod Touches 
    May 9th -   Teacher Choice
    May 16th - Teacher Choice
    Thanks  for attending!