Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Audacity and Photostory

Why use Audacity? Why use Photostory?

Quick Slide Share on Audacity and Photostory to recap the Lunch and Learn.

Take a look at the above link and the link below so that you can go back and review should you want to use the programs. The best way to make Audacity a part of your class is to have the kids use it. When you are in the lab or classroom, explain a little and let the kids explore with the program by giving them a small project to start out with.

  • Record student assessments or presentations.

  • Record student performances, celebrations, and other events (including guest speakers).

  • Record student interviews (such as oral histories, documentaries, reinactments, and "mockumentaries").

  • Record course content (for just-in-time, on-demand learning).

  • Record spoken language for English Language Development, Language Arts, or Foreign Language.

  • Record exerpts from text books, novels, or poetry for language arts.

  • Record weekly announcements, assignments, or "week in review" segments (including sub plans).

  • Record multi-track soundtracks for Movie Maker projects.

  • Record narrations for presentations (even PowerPoint).

  • Record content for student radio stations or podcasts.

  • Record instructions (or How-To's) for certain lessons.

  • Record a field trip and bring it into the classroom... or more classrooms.

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