Friday, May 13, 2011

Web Quests - Our next Lunch and Learn 5/18 LRC

Take an idea, perhaps a subject area kids are not too thrilled about and turn it on its head with the creation of a web quest. The kids will just love traveling through cyberspace on a guided journey you have created for them. Chances are someone has already created one that you  could use as a guide or just as it is. Here are a few examples;

1st Grade Butterflies
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
2nd Grade Dinosaur Web Quest
3rd Grade Space Exploration-
Planet Web Quest
Looking for a site on Space Exploration in English and Spanish? Here is one idea...NASA SpacePlace
4th & 5th Grade - Exploration-
Lewis and Clarke Adventure
6th Grade -
A Plethora of Web Quests 
Death in Rome interactive online game.

Interested in learning more about the University of Illinois Extension website for kids? Check out some great online resources that might help you with your next webquest.

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